Prepping Garden Beds and Planting Potatoes and Onions

The wacky spring weather this year has made everything fall behind schedule for the garden this year.  We planned to rent a tractor with a tiller in mid-April, but the ground was so soaked we feared it would get stuck. Rainy weather continued… and it eventually came down to prepping the garden by hand – little by little, section by section.

The first things in this year were the onions, and the potatoes.  For onions, in addition to the traditional white storage onions, I’m trying a new variety called Alisa Craig. It’s a large onion that I’m hoping to use for my fall salsa.  Also, for the first time, I’m trying some shallots.

For potatoes, we’re also mixing it up a little.  In the winter, I had some blue potatoes at a friends house – and was hooked.  I was able to order some Adirondack Red and Adirondack Blues from Fedco Seeds this year – and can’t wait to enjoy some solid red and solid blue potatoes come fall.   A just planted a small bit of each of these – and the majority of our crop this year will be traditional white & yellow flesh potatoes.

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