Farm Store

Looking to cook delicous farm-to-table meals?  We offer a wide selection of Beef & Pork cuts.

To place an order and arrange a pick up time:
Email [email protected] or call Corey at  207-832-1230

Briggs Farm Products

Check out special pork packages for winter, and details on our November Holiday Stock Up Sale


Here are the products we've grown and raised, available in the farm store.


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Our Belted Galloways spend the summer on grass, and the winter eating hay, with occasional grain served up for a special treat.


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Our pigs forage in the woods, and enjoy a healthy mix of dairy, grain, acorns, and extra produce and apples from around the farm.

Our animals are NOT treated or fed with hormones or antibiotics.


$4.50 a dozen


$13 for a 1 lb jar, or $8 for a half lb jar.