A look down at the house, barn, and workshop… backlit with the sunrise behind Camden Hills in the distance.


About Us

Hello!  We’re Corey and Alicia, and in 2016, we had the opportunity to buy an 1860s homestead in Somerville, Maine. We moved in, and hit the ground running, reviving the gardens, setting up fencing, planting trials of all sorts of varieties of vegetables, moving the bee hives up to the property, raising our chickens, and venturing into raising pigs and cows.

When we moved to the farm, our primary goal was to try to grow and raise as much of our own food as possible – and take steps to a more sustainable lifestyle.  As we’ve expanded, we’ve been able to share more and more of the food we’re producing with our friends and the community. We believe everyone should have access to ‘real food’ at a reasonable price, and have our products as well as a selection from other Maine farms and food producers available in our Farm Store all year round. 

The farm has been a great vehicle to connect with the community, share our adventures with others who want to learn, and develop friendships with other farmers along the way. 

Photos of us, and our pups Quinn and Bailey

Behind the  name “Briggs Farm”

In honor of Corey’s Dad who passed away from cystic fibrosis in 2006, we decided to name our place Briggs Farm and to incorporate into the logo a sun from a tattoo he had. Before he passed he had told us he hoped one day we would buy a big piece of land… a decade later we bought the homestead.

In Memory of Abby

Our very first pup, Abby – the original farm dog, passed away in April 2021 after a battle with cancer.  We miss her daily, as she was always by our side, and always up for an adventure

Abby – Oct 31 2011 – Apr 2, 2021