Pork Cuts & Pricing

Our farm raised pigs live good lives, and are NOT treated or fed with hormones or antibiotics. They are fed a healthy diet of whey, grain, acorns and extra produce and apples from the farm.

Pork Chops 

$8 lb

2 per package.  Package weights vary from approximately .75 - 1.75 lbs.


$10 a package

All varieties come ground, in one pound packages. Sausage is ground (not in links).

  • Breakfast
  • Maple
  • Sweet Italian
  • Portuguese

Ground Pork (unseasoned) 

$9 a package

Available in one pound packages.

Pork Roasts

$8 lb

Roasts range from 3-4 lbs

Bacon  - (Nitrate Free)

$11 a package

Available in 1 lb packages.

Jowel Bacon also available in 1/2 lb packages


$10 lb