Farm Products for Sale

Here at the farm, we have different offerings available throughout the year - and multiple ways to purchase.

Arrange a Farm Pick Up Order
Email or call Corey at  207-832-1230
We can accept cash, check, Venmo, or Credit Cards. Pre-orders can also be paid in advance with an email invoice or PayPal.


Sold Out until Fall 2020

Our Belted Galloways spend the summer on grass, and the winter eating hay, with occasional grain served up for a special treat. They are NOT treated or fed with hormones or antibiotics.


View cuts and pricing.

Our woodland pigs live good lives, and are NOT treated or fed with hormones or antibiotics. They forage in the woods, and enjoy a healthy mix of dairy, grain, acorns, and extra produce and apples from around the farm.


$4 a dozen. Quantity available changes daily.


SOLD OUT UNTIL SUMMER.  $12 for a 1 lb jar, or $7 for a half lb jar.



Made from the beeswax from our apiary, and a little bit of unrefined coconut oil and cocoa butter.  Our lip balm gets its scent and flavor from its ingredients -- not any artificial additives. 


We will have a limited assortment of veggies available throughout the 2020 growing season, stay tuned as summer approaches for what is available.


Cut to you particular stove length and split. One cord minimum.  $225 a cord. Free delivery.


Plowing available in Northern Lincoln County and parts of Knox County.  Discounts for Seniors and Veterans.