The Belted Galloways

Two steers joined our farm early in 2019, and have been an exciting addition.  We started offering beef last fall, and are continuing to expand our herd this year.

The Chickens

We currently have two flocks of egg layers .... the older gals are Rhode Island Reds, and the newer ladies are a mix of Black Star, Silver laced Wyandottes  -- plus some Ameraucana's to add some blue eggs to our mix.  

The Pigs

While we have tried a couple different breeds, we have fallen in love with the mix of Old Spot/Duroc/Yorkshire mix  - both for the temperament, and the quality and taste of the meat.  Our piglets live happy lives, rooting around in the woods - and are never treated with hormones or antibiotics.  We keep sows for breeding, and from time to time have extra piglets for sale.